Acronafplia (Turkish Ichs-Kale) is a rocky peninsula that used to be the acropolis of Nafplio in antiquity. It is opposite Bourtzi and to the right of Nafplio at the entrance to the Argolikos Gulf. It is only accessible from the North by an artificial historical ravine called Arvanitia. This peninsula has an average height of 45 m above sea level, a maximum length of 900 m east to west, and a width of about 400 m. today. The story of Akronafplia traces the historical fate of Nafplio to the Romans, the Byzantines, the Franks, the Venetians, and the Turks of […]

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Argos Castle

Argos Castle is one of the oldest and most historic castles in Greece. The site had been fortified since prehistoric times. The castle was finalized by the Franks. The castle of Larissa (Argos means plain and Larissa means acropolis), was built in prehistoric times, repaired and expanded several times since antiquity, and played an important historical role during the Venetian occupation and the Greek Revolution of 1821. It is at the top of the hilltop, which is also the highest point of the city (289 m). The castle has two enclosures, the outer 200 meters long and the inner 70 […]

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Astros Castle

The castle, according to the Chronicle of Morea, was built in 1256 by the ruler of the Principality of Achaia, William II Villeardouin, to subdue the Tsakonians living in the area. The castle was called Castello Della Estella, that is, the Castle of Asterios, because of the asteroid peninsula on which it was built. This castle was built almost simultaneously with the Castle of Oria, which was built for the same purpose. In 1465, during the first Venetian-Turkish war, the castle was handed over to the Venetian governor of Nafplio, Christophoro de Priuli. In the following years, the castle declined […]

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Thalassopyrgos or Kasteli according to the Venetians and Bourtzi according to the Turks, is a small islet in front of the port of Nafplio, just opposite the Penthei-Brotherhood artillery fireplace, completely covered by old Venetian fir her name. This fort was built by the Venetians after Mahmut Pasha`s departure in 1473, supplying it with newer cannons. In 1502 the Venetians, fortifying the southwestern side of Acronafplia into self-propelled bastions (the Five Brothers), connected him with an artificial block of boulders bound by a chain that reached the city of Lyaplaus and reached Thalassopoulos. , hence the name Port of Alysos. […]

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Palamidi Castle

Palamidi is a fortress in Nafplio which was built in 1687 by the Venetians, after occupying the hill on which it is located, after a fierce battle with the Ottomans during the Venetian-Turkish War. The hill on which it stands is 216 meters high and reaches Palamidi either by carriageway or by a staircase with multiple steps (referred to as 999 steps). In 1715, during the last Venetian-Turkish War, the Ottomans conquered it after blasting part of it. During the Greek Revolution of 1821, the Turks fortified Palamidi but on 30 November 1822, the Greeks occupied it after a battle […]

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