Archaeological Museum Of Nafplio

The museum is housed in a Venetian building built in 1713 and features exhibits of the Paleolithic period from Tiryns, Asini, Berbati, and Old Epidaurus, the Chalcolithic period, the Middle Helladic period, the Mycenaean period, the Classical period, the Mycenaean period, and the Classical period. all over southern Argolis. The museum is located in the main square of Nafplio. It is housed in the building of the old Venetian troops. One of the most impressive exhibits of the Nafplio Museum is the armor of Trees. There is even a description of Homer in the Iliad verses 260 to 271.

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Nafplio War Museum

The Nafplio War Museum in Argolis, which was inaugurated in 1988, is housed in a neoclassical stone building on Amalia Avenue in the center of Nafplio, essentially an annex to the Athens Museum. It was built around the second half of the 18th century as a characteristic example of the architecture of the time. From 1828 to 1834, under Kapodistrias and at his behest, he housed the first Evelpid School and later the Ministry of Military Affairs. On the two floors of the Nafplio War Museum, which has been declared a Historic Preservable Monument, are exhibited in chronological order relics […]

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