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Parliament Building

The Parliament building, located in the southwestern part of Syntagma Square, holds a special place in Greek history, as the House of Revolutionary Greece housed it. It dates back to 1730, during the Second Turkish occupation of the city, and was originally built as a mosque. It is built with the system of economic masonry carving and consists of a square room covered with a large dome. It is a characteristic mosque of mature Ottoman architecture with its heavy proportions and massive dome. To the west, there was an original dome with a dome, which fell in the early 20th […]

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Bavarian Lion

The Bavarian Lion is an attraction located in the town of Nafplio in Argolis, in the Provonia district, and near the cemetery on Michael the Doctor. Carved with fine art on the rock, the Lion of Bavaria is one of the first outdoor sculptures of the modern Greek state, a work of German sculptor Professor Christian Siegel of the University of Athens. The monument was commissioned by the Bavarian king Ludovikos I, to pay tribute to his son Otto`s Bavarian soldiers who died in a typhus epidemic in Greece in 1833 – 34. The impressive stone lion of Bavaria, pretending […]

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Kapodistrias House

The building, then owned by Alexander Kolokouvaros, was repaired and handed over to Governor I. Kapodistrias in November 1829. It is a two-storey mansion facing the harbor, with interesting architectural elements inside. One of nature`s preserved monuments no longer exists or maybe there is only one part of its trunk. It is the Anaplian tree, the palm tree planted in accordance with the legend Ioannis Kapodistrias symbolically the year the Greek state was created, similar to with the palm that is born from his ashes. The tree was opposite the Five Brothers in the villa Amymoni, which once belonged to […]

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Paralio Astros

Astros beach in North Kynouria is the most important summer resort and favorite summer destination for the residents of Arcadia, Argolis and not only as it has experienced significant but mild tourist development in recent years with many visitors from Athens, but also Nafplio. This is due to two main reasons: The first has to do with the short distance separating it from the urban centers we have mentioned and the easy access to it, while the second has to do with the beauty of the natural landscape and the picturesque houses that reach up to the edge of the […]

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Bastion Five Brothers

The Five Brothers Bastion is located on the northwestern side of Akronafplia and was constructed to control the entrance to the port of Nafplio with Bourtzi. The Five Brothers is a protruding section of wall from the rest of the Acronafplia wall, autonomously fortified to defend Nafplio from the Argolic Gulf side above the Sea Gate. The construction of the Promachon dates from 1389-1540 when Nafplio was under the rule of the First Venetian Empire. At that time there was also the discovery of gunpowder, so they put special emphasis on the defensive fortification technique of the bastion by placing […]

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The Land Gate

The Land Gate in Argolis is a monument under the walls of Akronafplia, opposite the Judicial Palace and in front of the first buildings of the Old Town of Nafplio. It was called the Porta di Terraferma because it was the only entrance to the city from the land at that time. nbspIn front of the gate, there was a wide moat that started from Akronafplia and reached the port of Nafplio (today`s Swimming Pool). The ships of the day were stranded in this ditch. Access to the Gate of the Land was made by a mobile wooden bridge, which […]

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Old Town Clocktower

The clock was placed at Akronafplia in one of the most beautiful spots above the Old Town in the time of Otto, under the leadership of the physician Epaminondas Kotsonopoulos (1866-1878 and 1883-1890). The watch came from Bavaria with the donation of Ludwig I of Otto`s father. During the occupation, the Germans had decided to blow it up, but the reaction from the Greeks was fierce. The then city lords, along with secretary Emmanuel Terzakis, had been able to postpone its destruction for a month. Unfortunately, on May 3, 1944, it was blown up. The watch reopened on September 14, […]

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Kefalari Cave Zoodochos Pigi Temple

In a magnificent setting, above the fountain of the river Erasinos, is the sanctuary of the Zoodochos Pigi Kefalariou or Panagia Kefalariotissa. It was built according to tradition, in 1634, destroyed in 1918, and rebuilt in 1928 by the Argeans, and especially at the expense of the DANAOS Pantry Association located in Atlanta, America. There are two key elements that make it unique. The first is that it is in an area where the greenery and the waters of the historic Erasinos River make it magnificent. The second is that the temple is built inside a cave on Mount Haon. […]

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