Paralio Astros
Time from Hotel: 40 minutes
Distance from Hotel: 32 Km

Astros beach in North Kynouria is the most important summer resort and favorite summer destination for the residents of Arcadia, Argolis and not only as it has experienced significant but mild tourist development in recent years with many visitors from Athens, but also Nafplio. This is due to two main reasons: The first has to do with the short distance separating it from the urban centers we have mentioned and the easy access to it, while the second has to do with the beauty of the natural landscape and the picturesque houses that reach up to the edge of the long and beautiful beach.

The second and most important reason has to do with the beach of Astros itself as it is sure to win you over at first sight and it is a picturesque seaside village with a beautiful beach, crystal clear sea and a large part of it is built amphitheatrically on the hill island dominated by its presence and the medieval castle at its top. The island is a small star-shaped peninsula, hence the name of the village, where traditional stone houses are built and are the most picturesque part of the settlement. At the top of the hill is the Astros Paralympic Castle, which, according to Morea`s Chronicle, was built in 1256 by the ruler of the Prince of Achaia, William II Villeardouin, to subdue the Tsakonians who inhabited the area. You must definitely visit it as it has excellent views of the Argolic Gulf, Nafplio and of course the Astros beach with its picturesque harbor and the long beach of Callisto about four kilometers long!

There is an open-air theater in the area called Melina Mercouri. There is also a stone-built lighthouse that first opened in 1893 but has been inactive since 1999. It belongs to the Navy Lighthouse Service.

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