Ancient Acropolis Of Tiryns
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Today the ancient Acropolis of Tiryns, one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, extends over a large expanse of the Arolian plain.

The mythical circles of Vellerefond, Perseus, and Hercules are connected with the Acropolis of ancient Tiryns. The first mythical king of the city was Prithos, the brother of the king of Argos, who after a dispute with him fled to Lycia, married the king`s daughter, and with the help of the Cyclops, returned and founded his own kingdom.

Alexander Rizos Ragavis excavated the Acropolis of ancient Tiryns in 1831, while organized archaeological excavations in the area were carried out by Henry Schliemann in the period 1884-1885 and continued by the German Archaeological Institute. Some of the findings of the Acropolis excavations are also exhibited at the Nafplio Archaeological Museum.

Four different building periods have been observed in the ancient Acropolis of Tiryns, but only at the end of the 13th century BC. century, the walls and the palace appear to be their final form. The Cyclopean walls of the Acropolis surround the entire hill, creating strong fortifications encompassing an area of #8203#8203approximately 20,000 square meters.

In 1828, Kapodistrias founded a building for the operation of an agricultural school south of the Acropolis of ancient Tiryns. At the same spot today, the rural prisons of New Tyrinth are housed.

A few kilometers away, the visitor meets the vaulted tomb of Tiryns, the famous Mycenaean dam of Tiryns, and one of the oldest known Greek sanctuaries, the ancient Heraion.

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