Argos Ancient Market
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Distance from Hotel: 13 Km

In the heart of the modern city of Argos in the prefecture of Argolis and just opposite the ancient theater of Argos, drowned in plants, is the ruined ancient market of Argos, the all-important shopping center of the Peloponnese.

The ancient market of Argos began to be organized in the 6th century BC. on a hub road, south of the city center and was completed at the end of the 4th century BC. Today, it still retains its old glory, through some monuments excavated by the French Archaeological School.

The ancient market of Argos was founded at the foot of Larissa hill, where rainwater flowed from it, and at that point, special drainage was constructed.

Entering the ancient market of Argos, the visitor encounters Heros, in honor of the heroes who campaigned against Thebes under King Adrastos at that time, and at that point, an additional monumental site of the last antiquity, known as Forone`s Fire, was found. who is said to have lowered the fire from heaven and delivered it to man. The gallery in the northern part of the market was probably of a commercial and craft nature and was in contact with a platform, now known as the market theater, as well as in the center of it there was an altar that was probably used in various public rituals, and which was later associated with the sanctuary of the Apollo High School.

Visitors to the ancient marketplace of Argos can see the Bouleuterion, a 475-250 BC building that was associated with the establishment of the Democratic regime and hosted all town meetings. To the east and in front of the south arcade was a road that connected with the palaestra and is believed to have been used to coach athletes, and belonged to one of Argos` three gymnasiums. The Nymphaeum Square, found on this road, was a fountain in honor of a prominent family of the time. To the north of the same road, a circular dome with a characteristic underground cache was constructed, which then served as a Nymphaeum.

Two other important monuments of the ancient market of Argos are the monument M in honor of the heroic members of society, but also the monument D, with a small temple, from which today the base of the worship statue is preserved.

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